Saturday, May 21, 2011


Brent is out of town again this weekend at a conference for work. That definitely can make for a long weekend on my own with the kids...thankfully, I am blessed with some wonderful friends to help out and to keep me company!

The Fitzsimmons invited us over for dinner last night. We ate outside and the kids had time to run around and play. Leo is a PE teacher/coach so they play lots of sports around their house. Leo played baseball with the kids last night - both Kaylee and Bryce could nail the ball...Avery hit a few good ones and when Griff hit one, he had no clue what the bases were! (or that he should run them!) Looks like we need to do a little work! Regardless, the kids enjoyed it and i enjoyed their energy release.

(maybe we need to first work on Griff keeping his eyes open while at bat!)

even the little dude wanted in on the action!

Shane attacking me from behind!


  1. dude, i suck as a dad. how have i let my kids go this far without baseball and after yesterday. . . basketball. we need to catch up hun!

  2. Brent, you're the best dad i have ever met. i LOVE you.