Monday, May 2, 2011

Graham's first haircut

Following in the footsteps of the first 2 Parnell children, Graham doesn't have a ton of hair...however, he has had these long, wispy pieces around his ears and the back of his head for quite a while now. Brent hates them and has been complaining about them for months. But, I am notorious for delaying first haircuts - I hate losing that "baby look" and making them look older than they are. Also, when Graham gets sleepy, he rubs/pulls the long hair right behind his ears - and I didn't want him to lose that!

I finally gave in on Friday night and let Brent give Graham his first haircut. Graham did not hold still, even though we gave him his first sucker in hopes of keeping him still.

I was really nervous as Brent was cutting because Graham was SOOO wiggly and Brent was saying thing like "This is such a hack job!"

Talk about a moving target!

All in all, the cut turned out well! Graham does look older though!


  1. The cut actually looked a little better once he had a bath and the sucker juice had been washed away!

  2. I was afraid when I heard "haircut" that he would look too old. It looks really sweet! Good job Brent!