Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Interview with Avery

I interviewed Avery this morning and here is what she said...

How old are you: four and 12 months

What is your favorite color: pink and gold

What is your favorite food: bagels with cream cheese

What is your favorite toy: rapunzel (note: she doesnt even have this toy!)

Who is your best friend: kaylee and katelyn

If you could do anything, what would you do: go to kaylee's house

What is your favorite thing to do at school: play on the monkey bars; I can go all the way across them

Where is your favorite place to go: chicken-fil-a

What is your favorite game: playing mommy baby

Who loves you: Jesus and mommy and daddy

Anything else: I like alabama and tar heels - I root for both of those.

Avery is just a few weeks shy of being 5 years old. So hard to believe. This last year has been really fun to watch her learn things academically (counting to 100, memorizing how to write words, etc) but also watching her develop friendships and seeing the dynamics of her relationships.

Avery loves school, especially making arts/crafts. Her teachers laugh that she is "oh so girly" yet doesn't hesitate to dive into paint, shaving cream, or anything messy. She has a little boyfriend named Garrison who hollers "Bye my girlfriend Avery" every day as we leave school. Hysterical!

Our little priss loves princess dolls and polly pockets. She has quite the imagination and rearranges her stuff while creating elaborate games by herself. She has her afternoon "rest time" in my room (since griffin naps in theirs) and I never know what kind of mess I might walk into when she's done! Other than her doll stuff, there aren't too many toys that hold her attention. Most of her time is spent at the kitchen table doing artwork. We go through markers, paper, and stickers like there is no tomorrow.

Avery is super excited about going to kindergarten next year but doesn't really know what "kindergarten" is - she asked me if I know how to get to kindergarten?! I must admit that I am thankful that she is only going 1/2 day next year so that I have a little more time with her!


  1. I remember so many days that my bedroom would get turned into an imaginary world! I love it.

  2. I love your updates on the kids. They grow so fast and we are missing so much!!

  3. Oh, i can't wait to see Avery on Saturday!