Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Interview with Griffin

I interviewed Griffin this morning and here's what he said...

How old are you: free and a half

What is your favorite color: blue and red

What is your favorite food: waffles and pizza

What is your favorite toy: buzz light year

Who is your best friend: bryce and brendon

If you could do anything, what would you do: play games with mommy/daddy/avery; cut down a tree

What is your favorite thing to do at school: play with brendon and bryce on the playground

Where is your favorite place to go: park and playground

What is your favorite game: candy land and hi ho cherries

Who loves you: mommy and daddy and big daddy and nina and gammy

Griffin is now 3 1/2 and so much fun! Yes, he is still extremely active and constantly on the go, but he is much easier to manage! He will actually be stationary long enough to build blocks or legos or play dinosaurs. He loves to be outside - his favorite pastime in the outdoors is digging! We have several small holes around our "swing set", compliments of Griffin. I am still amazed at his love for bugs/birds/squirrels. I know that is a common obsession of many little boys, but Griffin sits perfectly still for long amounts of time just observing them - kind of funny for such an active little guy.

We've made huge strides in the "eating dinner" department, thanks to Brent. (he took on a battle that I wasn't up for fighting!) Griffin actually eats dinner every night now! He's still funny about foods though - you have to force the first bite but then he realizes he likes it so he eats the rest.

Griffin has been playing soccer this spring and likes the "act" of soccer - kicking, blocking, running, etc...but he doesn't love the actual game. I think that he doesn't understand the concept yet - during his last game, he kept crying and telling me that "the orange guys are being mean to me!" (in his mind - why would anyone kick the ball away from me?!)

Griffin loves loves loves school this year. His teachers have been wonderful and he loves his classmates. I think he probably thrives with the constant stimulation and activities that preschool offers.

I am proud of our little man and all that he is learning and becoming. He is our best mannered child and caught on quickly to the yes mam/sir, please/thank you, etc. He is super lovey and tells me multiple times a day that he loves me and has a big kiss for me. It has been so fun to watch him become his own person!


  1. Can't believe he didn't say "nothing" to one of your questions!
    Gammy loves him too!!!