Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Griffin's End of Year Party

Its hard to believe that our little Buddy has finished his first year of preschool! He had a great year and absolutely loves going to school. He loves his teachers and apparently, has captured the hearts of teachers school-wide! Everyone loves his hugs and smiles! I think school was good for Griffin because it gave him something of his own, something separate from Avery. (with as close as those 2 are in age, they have been constantly together since day 1 - so this helped griffin gain his own identity!) He also thrives in the constant activity of his days at school.

(Hannah, Charlotte, Griffin, Brendan, Camryn, Emma - this picture is a little blurry but i had 6 moving targets!)

Griffin had a really small class this year - only 8 kids with 2 teachers - so he has been well loved and taken care of. They had the parents come in for the last 45 minutes of class today to eat and hang out and celebrate their year.

Leslie, Griffin, and Camryn - enjoying their lunch

griffin and charlotte (he's a ladies' man!!)

Mrs. Meg with Griff

Mrs. Beth with Griff

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  1. Hope Griffin had a great year and has a great year, next year.