Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day from Avery

Avery made this "flower" at school for me as a mother's day gift. Per her instructions, I am supposed to pull off a petal and give it to her - and each petal contains a different "job" for her to do for me...things like: wash the dishes, set the table, water the flowers, give me a hug. Within 10 minutes of handing it to me, she had asked to do every job possible!

Today, she was so excited to WASH DISHES! She asked me all morning when it would be she spent about 15 minutes washing dishes after we ate lunch. She said, "This is so fun. I want to do this all the time." I told her that when she's 15 I would remind her she had said that!


  1. Did she learn to wash dish's in her panties from her Mommy? :)