Monday, March 9, 2009

2 years and 9 months???

Avery -

Is it even possible? are you really 2 years and 9 months old already??? wow! you are both a joy and a challenge these days! you have spent the last 9 months as a 100% 2-year old! you are extremely independent, want to do everything your way, and love attempting to do whatever mommy/daddy are doing. you can be smiling one minute and crying the next.

You get to go to "school" one day a week and you love it! you love to list the names of your classmates over and over. you are so proud to show me what you "created" in school every week and then hang it on the fridge for all to see. your teachers always brag about how sweet and well-mannered you are.

you like to play shy for about 5 minutes when you meet new people but then your little chatter-box self kicks in! you love new friends and will stop anyone who will listen to you. every time we are out, you find a stranger who will pause long enough to hear your stories. your 2 best friends are carter and caroline and you squeal every time you see them and then run to give them hugs.

you are proficient at just about everything you attempt now. you can climb ladders, rock walls, and all the playground equipment with ease and you prefer to use the "big girl" swings. you and griffin both could spend hours in the sandbox.

we still try to get you to nap every day - but sometime you play in your bed for 2 hours and never really fall asleep. i'm thankful though that you play so well up there and are content with just your blanket, bunny, and a few books.

you are griffy are really good buds. i've overheard you say " i love you buddy" to him 2 or 3 times lately. (melt my heart!) and you make up games together and love to play chase. he gets so excited when you wake up in the morning and from your nap - he smiles and runs to hug you!

i can't believe you are almost 3! you are a sunshine in our lives avery! we love you!

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  1. this is SOOO sweet! brings me almost to tears! i remember the first time i met sweet avery - i remember you gave birth to her the day we left africa. and i can't believe that it's been 10 months since last i saw her. sheesh! so excited to see all 4 of you in just a few days!