Friday, March 20, 2009

Words of an Almost 3 Year Old

Here are few things that Avery has said to me or that I have overheard her saying recently...

1. While driving in the car with griffin screaming i heard "i don't like whiny babies."

2. When using the bathroom this morning, the door pops open and avery asks, "is everything okay in here?"

3. Avery was sitting at the table and announced "momma, i'm waiting patient for you."

4. After griffin fell - she started patting his back saying "its o-quay buddy, it wasn't that bad."

5. out of nowhere, "momma, griffin has a bruise on that side too." (she's heard that plenty...)

6. on monday at school her teacher asked her about her weekend and what she had done, and all avery would say was "griffy looked really cute! " (no mention of being a flower girl!)


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