Monday, March 2, 2009

a LITTLE more snow!

over the past 2 weeks or so, our bradford pears have started to bud and the daffodils have poked through the ground...the temps have been in the 65 range...and we have loved it!! and then we awoke this morning to an almost slightly white yard!

Avery was really excited but i was not. i'm thankful we live in the south, where we can get snow in minimal intervals. other than the excitement for the kids, i don't really enjoy it - it takes 10 minutes to get them all bundled up, avery is bound to need to pee only minutes after going outside, griffy gets mad because he can't function in mittens....and then by the time they have had enough, it takes another 10 minutes to get them completely changed into dry clothes and avery is in tears because she is soooo cold!!!

whoa! exhausting.... but i would feel like a bad mother if i didn't take them out at all so we spent about 45 minutes outside today. we really don't have that much snow, so avery didn't understand why her snow angels weren't working and why we couldn't sled down the hill!

i guess all this is to say that i am simply ready for picnics, pools, playgrounds and sunshine!!!

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  1. im with you honey, this southern boy loves snow about every 2-3 years. . . twice in one year is too much.