Friday, March 20, 2009

The mind of a toddler

So the kids and i were driving in the car this morning and avery started talking about going to the beach with gammy (brent's mom). and then she adds on that pop (brent's dad who passed away last year) was going too. her and i have had this discussion a million times but it goes right over her it is:

Me - avery, pop won't be there just gammy. remember that pop is in heaven with jesus?

Avery - is god there too?

Me - yes

Avery - where is heaven?

Me - its way up high in the sky

Avery - i don't like to go way up high. i just want you to hold griffin and me when we go high.

Me - avery, we aren't going high. we are driving down to gammy's house.

Avery - but we have to go high to see pop and gammy and jesus.

Me - we don't get to see pop for a while. we are going to gammy's house, that's where she is.

Avery - can we just call pop?

Me - i wish we could avery.

Avery - don't you have your phone?

It is so sweet and so innocent to hear her questions and watch as she tries to figure things out. I wish i had a good way of explaining things to her...but I'm very thankful that she still remembers and talks about her "pop."

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  1. Well, you are right! I am sitting here with tears flowing and wishing the same as Avery. That is so very precious. I love you Avery and so did your Pop!