Monday, December 7, 2009

Choo Choo

Sunday evening we went to the Museum of Life and Science and rode the train to the North Pole to see Santa. It was a cold night (although not as cold as last year) but lots of fun. We went with several other families - the Likes, Runkles, and Fortners. The kids loved the train (as always) and both squealed with excitement when it started. And afterwards, Griffin had his first cup of hot chocolate - which he loved!

family photo-opwaiting for the "all aboard!" announcement

mommy and sissy
Thankfully, both children liked Santa this year. (Last year, avery would only peek through her fingers at him.) Griffin was more excited about getting a candy cane that talking with Santa but at least he smiled and waved and said hi! And Avery actually talked and asked Santa for princess baby dolls.
Making Christmas cards


  1. that looks like a lot of fun! merry christmas!

  2. Ava had her first cup of hot chocolate last night too! It ended up being more marshmellows than hot chocolate though. Sounds like ya'll have fun things to do up there.

  3. wow, merritt, i am LOVING these daily postings! great pictures. so excited to see you and your fam in a couple of weeks!!

  4. Love all the pictures! It is nice getting a day to day update! Lots going on.