Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tis the Season...

We finally had the chance last night to go get our Christmas tree. The kids were really excited about the whole idea and Avery asked lots of questions. We got the tree in the house and set it up while the kids "helped" and then Brent put the lights on after the kids went to bed. We told the kiddos that we could decorate it in the morning.
I woke up at about 6:45 when I heard Avery's door open. Now, she normally wakes up, goes to the bathroom and then comes to get me...however, this morning, I heard her get up, go to the bathroom, and then walk down the stairs. I figured she would get down there and realize that it was pitch dark and that no one else was awake, and then she'd return to get me...but she never came back up the stairs. I gave her about 10 minutes before I came to check on her. When I reached the bottom of the stairs she proudly announced that the plug (tree lights) had fallen out and that she had plugged it back in!! She was looking on in awe. And then she instantly asked to decorate!

When Griffin came downstairs, he stood in front of the lighted tree, exclaiming "WOW. WOW Daddy. WOW." Over and over again! It was priceless.

I got some blueberry coffee cake in the oven and then we started to decorate the tree. I picked out all of the non-breakable ornaments and put them out on the floor for them to hang on the tree. Avery and Griffin loved it...but they hung them all in one small area! (note the picture below)

Here is the final product!


  1. How fun! I love that you have "Big Helpers" now :). And of course you have wrapped presents under the tree already. Always ahead of the game!

  2. looks like your home is so beautiful at christmastime! love to hear about the kids getting so excited!

  3. What fun you had decorating the tree!! Looks as though Brent had fun too!

  4. that looks so fun and the tree is GREAT!!! avery.......... griffin...........excellent work! merry christmas!