Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Trip to Birmingham

We made the long trek down to Birmingham for Thanksgiving. It took us about 10 -10 1/2 hours each way, largely due to traffic. The kids did great with the drive. We only had to stop twice.

We stayed with Brent's sister (Cara) and her family (Uncle Clay and cousins Cooper and Cohen). And then Gammy drove up from Mobile too. The kids had a blast playing with their cousins and all the "new" toys. They have a huge fenced in backyard and a big swing set (both of which I'm jealous of) so the kids could run and burn off their energy!

The kids also had a blast jumping on the trampoline together and watching Uncle Clay do some tricks for them.

Both of our kids had a new experience - making smores! We hadn't done that with them before....(just imagine Griffin with fire and you'll understand why...) Avery loved roasting the marshmallows but didn't want to eat them and Griffin just ate a ton of unroasted marshmallows...and of course, my husband made me a yummy smore that I devoured! (it was for the baby, of course!)

Brent and I enjoyed our time visiting family, meeting our nephew who was born in June, playing cards, eating a ton, and having some family time. Clay and Brent escaped one day and went to Dreamland BBQ for some manly bonding...and then the next day all the girls were able to go to Homewood for some O'Carrs chicken salad, O'Henry's coffee, and a quick look through At Home. (these were some of my favorite places when we lived in B'ham.)
We also had an early Christmas with everyone since we won't see Brent's side of the family for Christmas. All the kids loved opening presents and it made me excited for Christmas itself. They will be hilarious this year. Avery got a Tinkerbell movie and her own "lipstick" - and she went crazy with excitement. When she puts the lipstick on, she gets it from her nose to her chin - its hysterical. But she thinks she's big stuff!
I have a million pictures so will post a photobucket of them soon...


  1. I am just going to send people to your blog to read and look at pics :). I am a slacker! We really enjoyed having you guys here. Glad you made it home safely.

  2. The pictures are great (except mine)! Wish we could have gotten a picture of me and the kids still. Too much to ask for I guess! I enjoyed the visit and we did have lots of fun.

  3. that looks like fun! merry christmas!

  4. So glad you made it to some of your favorite places while you were here! I think we should catch up soon...Merry Christmas!!!