Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas in Jasper

We were able to spend a full week down at my family's cabin in Jasper County GA for Christmas. It is only every third year when all of my siblings converge in one place for Christmas - and this was our year. We had 16 adults and 8 children, ranging from 5 years to 8 weeks! We had a busy week of activities and several surprises from Nina and Big Daddy. This post is just an overview of our highlights - I'll be posting more details in the days to come!

Nina and Big Daddy have their arms full! (need I mention that come april, 2 more babies will be added to this crew!)

We had our first Christmas pageant this year on Christmas Eve - the kids loved getting dressed up and taking part in acting out the story of Christ's birth.

Aunt Anna (with the assistance of many aunts and uncles) led the kids in several craft time activities throughout the week.

Nina and Big Daddy surprised us all by planning an old fashioned hay-ride and weenie roast.

We had a surprise guest stop by un-announced on Christmas Eve...

and what would a weekend in Jasper be without a little hunting? Congrats on your buck, honey!


  1. wow that buck is cool! that looks like the BEST Christmas EVER!!!!! look at all those stockings! :)

  2. I'm so glad that Santa doesn't come to my house to fill that many stockings! Whew!!
    Sounds like a Christmas that you will not forget! Filled with lots of memories.
    Congrats Brent on the buck! (didn't enjoy looking at it though)