Thursday, December 31, 2009


We have had a wonderful and busy Christmas this year. The kids have been very excited about every little thing so it has given a new excitement to the season. They loved the tree, getting out all the decorations, the idea of presents, seeing Santa, and all the family activities that we were able to do.

We spent Christmas down in Jasper with the McBrayers so we celebrated a little early in Durham. We didn't wanted to haul all the presents down with us so we opened presents from each other and from Gammy on the Sunday before Christmas. The kids get overwhelmed easily with new toys so we opened slowly over the course of a day...that way they got to enjoy and play as they went.

what more could a little princess want than a set of princess shoes??? its heaven!

here is another example that avery is all girl and griffy is 100% BOY!

thanks for the new "puter" gammy!

griffy and daddy putting together a hot-wheels race track

I have a million pictures and stories from our week in Jasper so many more posts and pictures will follow! Hope everyone else has enjoyed the season!


  1. so cute! merry christmas and a happy new year!

  2. Loved all the pictures! I'm glad that Avery and Griffin liked their toys. So much fun!!